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TheTreeline DJ competition - Winner

Good evening!

Just a quick aside… the sun’s been out, there are (still) dozens of people working on site, to the welcome sound of generators and birdsong. It’s all coming together, and Leopallooza is only ONE WEEK TOMORROW!

But back to the matter in hand… out of the many entries we had for our TREELINE DJ competition, there wasn’t one that sucked. Which is good news. What’s even better is that all were veryaccomplished and well-mixed.

But we had to have one winner. And we do.

The winner is announced right at the bottom, but we need to put in a little mention of the other finalists first…

The two runners up….


Sweatshop mixed a beauty. Great afternoon electronica, put together sickeningly well.


A great mix-up of all sorts of breaks… this mix shows that the DJ (Timmy) is really aware of the crowd who would be listening at Leopallooza. Timmy was a very strong contender.

And these two also really warrant a vigorous tummy rub….


Jay Cornish – not quite what we’re after for a warm-up, but we were throwing ourselves around the office to this! Good work. Get in touch next year.


Ninja Peanut… whoever or whatever you may be: over 900 plays is no mean feat. If we had a 3am slot, it would be yours. Nice.

So, that leaves the winner, who is…


Ian Paterson has shown some real originality in this mix and, as well as encapsulating Leopallooza’s diverse line up, he has also really hit the brief. So this is our winner. Good work Ian, and well done… We have a nice little slot prepared just for you on Saturday afternoon.

Come see Ian in The Treeline, with such esteemed company as KID GLOVES, LUCIUS BRAVE, THE SCRIBES, HONG KONG PING PONG, BLAMMA! BLAMMA!, SOSO, CONNERZ, DJ KBS and many more.

Well done all and thanks to everyone who entered x

(Ian, grab a cup of tea, we’ll be in touch soon.)

Mixing it up at The Treeline

So here it is.

We have a free slot in The Treeline DJ line-up.

So, we’re putting it out there.

And if you’re chomping at the bit, sticking your hand in the air and shouting “THAT SLOT IS MEANT FOR ME AND ME ALONE!”, well then this is what you have to do….

  • We need you to make up a homespun mix and upload it to Mixcloud. It needs to be honest, interesting, and worthy of a bloody good party.
  • Your entry needs to be named: ‘LEOPALLOOZA 2012 TREELINE DJ COMPETITION’ (that bit is quite important.)
  • The Mix should be approx. 30 minutes long. Try not to stick to one genre, or include this summer’s biggest tunes. Think of Leopallooza as your inspiration: eclectic, fun… a whole mixed bag that lots are gonna dig.
  • Upload your entry to Mixcloud and email the URL to competition@leopallooza.com, making sure you put ‘TREELINE MIX’ in the subject heading.
  • Share your mix with your friends, share it with everyone. Get it out there. Although the judges will take all mixes into consideration, those with the most likes and listens will have a competitive edge. Then, on July 15th, the 3 we think are the most popular amongst the public and with the judges will enter the final.
  • After discussing the top 3, the mix that is judged to be the winner will win the successful DJ a free weekend ticket and a set on-stage in The Treeline.
  • Any questions: competition@leopallooza.com

…and with all that clear, just remains for us to say: GOOD LUCK! x

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