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Secret Walls

Know about Secret Walls? You’d be forgiven if you don’t… clue in the name.

If you do, you’re probably already pretty amped that they’re coming to Leopallooza this weekend.

But for all the Secret Walls newcomers, here’s a little history…

What started back in 2006 as a small art battle in the darkest and dingiest of London basements has now grown into something altogether more impressive.

Secret Walls (previously known as Secret Wars) is the world’s premier live competitive art event. Not only does it support local art talent, it promotes it to an ever increasing network of some of the finest illustrator’s, street artists and graffiti ninjas in the world, using this competitive medium… Artists have 90 minutes to lay down their work on a blank wall, using black paint only: no sketching and no creeping over the middle line. At the end of the 90 minutes, it’s down to two guest judges and the decibel reading of the crowd to decide who wins. So it’s expected of artists to go BIG, and go LOUD!

Secret Walls is proud to be bringing some of Bournemouth’s finest down to Cornwall. Up for the battle at Leopallooza is Robin Clarke, the Bournemouth 2011 winner, versus their newest entry to the world of Secret Walls, Helen Hiett. Both pack a mighty doodle punch.

Shamanic Technology’s also on site to provide the soundtrack. Check him out here - http://www.shamanic-technology.co.uk. And the chief ninja will be here too, Krishna Malla: https://www.facebook.com/#!/hare.techmoon.

Secret Walls will be fighting it out on Saturday at 1:30pm, in The Treeline x

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