The Greatest House Party... in a Field.


Preview of this years price structure! Earlybird tickets available tomorrow (Sunday December 1st) from 7pm on leopallooza.com! Batches will move fast!
Join us… facebook.com/leopallooza and twitter.com/leopallooza. Banter from 6pm! View high resolution

Preview of this years price structure! Earlybird tickets available tomorrow (Sunday December 1st) from 7pm on leopallooza.com! Batches will move fast!

Join us… facebook.com/leopallooza and twitter.com/leopallooza. Banter from 6pm!


Third night of Leopallooza Radio, featuring tracks from Auction For The Promise Club, Bebe Black, Honey, Kezia and an interview with party favourites, Man Like Me! Well worth tuning in. Be sure to catch any missed episodes and get proper prepared for the acts coming your way in less than 5 days!! x


A little news about one more competition we’ll be running THIS FRIDAY EVENING (19th July) on our Facebook page and also on our Twitter!

This competition will be open to ALL FULL WEEKEND TICKET HOLDERS – so do make sure you get your tickets sorted if you haven’t already: www.leopallooza.com
The winner of the competition will receive: 
2 x VIP upgrades (for themselves and one other) 
2 x sessions in the Festival Hot Tub's 
2 x leaps from the BAGJUMP c/o Bagjump UK!
All you’ll have to do is the usual Like/Share of our latest poster on Facebook
, or retweet it on twitter. Or both!

Then, when Monday evening comes, we’ll pick a random winner, who will no doubt run outside and do an excitable little breakdance in the sunshine. And rightly so.

Be sure to drop into our social networks this Friday!

1000 tickets: 3 hours.

Well, that was mental.

Last Friday, you managed to buy 300 tickets in 6 minutes. Then, over the course of the evening, you bought another 700. 

Had we been able to pause for a moment, we would have broken into song, danced a little jig, and then given you all a resounding applause. STERLING work. 

With that initial input, it’s allowed us two crucial things…

1. To realise that demand for Leopallooza has reached an all-time high. What we sold in 24 hours last year, took us just 18 minutes this year. That’s nuts. And it humbles us: it means you like to party with us. So we’re on the case to make this year even better.

2. It gives us that all important cash flow to start laying down deposits on bands, marquees, toilets etc. The groundwork of a DIY festival can now fully get under way. The engine of the party has fired up and is ticking over nicely!

So thank you.

Regular tickets (and various ticket options) are now for sale and selling well from our website: leopallooza.com

Secure your slice of the summer, just like 100’s already have.

We’ll aim to release the line-up in March. But already it’s looking most excellent…

Mean time, keep watch on our Facebook & Twitter for updates.

You? You’re just ace.

Team Pallooza



The Tree Line dance arena: Leopallooza 2012 



A slight change of plan to our ticket release time. But for the better!
We’ve decided to move our initial earlybird ticket sale forward to 7pm on Friday 1st February, rather than at the strike of midnight the evening prior, as was previously mentioned. We hope that by doing this, it’ll giveeverybodya chance to grab a bargain, and it also means we’ll all be on hand to answer any questions you may have via our email (info@leopallooza.com) or through our various social networks (FacebookTwitter Instagram). Apologies to all the night-owls and the masochists who were looking forward to this, but it makes more sense all round.
If you could now please go and cancel that alarm you had set for midnight - we don’t want you all grouchy and irritable come 7pm the following evening.

In the meantime, go and have a look at our new website, from which we’ll be selling the tickets this Friday!

On there you’ll find the ticket page, and all sorts of other frivolities. We particularly like the cow. Please play with the cow. Through there we can also be contacted, should you have any enquiries.

We expect the first 2 batches of tickets to sell out very quickly online - so prime your bank account, remove the lint from your mouse, limber up that click-finger and BE READY for 7pm this Friday. We’ll be online all evening, so come and have some banter and chuckles with us.
With love from the (much milder and altogether prettier) field,
Lee, Sam, Matt, Cai, and the whole of Team ‘Pallooza

TICKETS will be released from 1st of Feb! Watch our FACEBOOK for all the build-up! View high resolution

TICKETS will be released from 1st of Feb! Watch our FACEBOOK for all the build-up!


We’re on the field!! And it’s BRILLIANT!!

Just to clarify the current ticket situation….

  • We have allocated enough surplus so ALL should get in, but if you want to check on ticket status, please call our helpline on 07539 171758.
  • We’re having some serious fun. Come and play. It’s only going to get better.


This year at Leopallooza, we’ve decided we want to give our faithful ticket buyers their own chance to impress the rampant, party-loving hordes.

So, along comes just such opportunities, with our Busk Stop and King Ramps…

The Busk Stop is a little spot we’ve set aside down in Palloozaville, so that anyone who perhaps feels a bit nifty with a guitar, fancies themself as a comedian or just feels like belting out a hair-rock anthem can do so if, and when, the mood takes them. It’s open house, just check slots are free over at the merch tent.

We’ve also brought in the mighty KING RAMPS. So, if you’re rubbish at guitar, aren’t funny and have no sense of rhythm whatsoever, BUT ROCK WORLDS ON A SKATEBOARD… then, baby, your time to shine has come. King Ramps are free to use, you just need yourself a deck, knee pads and a helmet. And some balls.

Speaking of which - don’t forget the very talented Jack Gear will be performing his MOUNTAIN BIKE STUNT SHOW at Leopallooza throughout the weekend. See the program for details upon entry.

We love you Jack, but you are visibly insane:

Tickets still available from leopallooza.com, and we will have tickets available on the gate from 12pm Friday! 

Team Pallooza xx

Secret Walls

Know about Secret Walls? You’d be forgiven if you don’t… clue in the name.

If you do, you’re probably already pretty amped that they’re coming to Leopallooza this weekend.

But for all the Secret Walls newcomers, here’s a little history…

What started back in 2006 as a small art battle in the darkest and dingiest of London basements has now grown into something altogether more impressive.

Secret Walls (previously known as Secret Wars) is the world’s premier live competitive art event. Not only does it support local art talent, it promotes it to an ever increasing network of some of the finest illustrator’s, street artists and graffiti ninjas in the world, using this competitive medium… Artists have 90 minutes to lay down their work on a blank wall, using black paint only: no sketching and no creeping over the middle line. At the end of the 90 minutes, it’s down to two guest judges and the decibel reading of the crowd to decide who wins. So it’s expected of artists to go BIG, and go LOUD!

Secret Walls is proud to be bringing some of Bournemouth’s finest down to Cornwall. Up for the battle at Leopallooza is Robin Clarke, the Bournemouth 2011 winner, versus their newest entry to the world of Secret Walls, Helen Hiett. Both pack a mighty doodle punch.

Shamanic Technology’s also on site to provide the soundtrack. Check him out here - http://www.shamanic-technology.co.uk. And the chief ninja will be here too, Krishna Malla: https://www.facebook.com/#!/hare.techmoon.

Secret Walls will be fighting it out on Saturday at 1:30pm, in The Treeline x

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