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Line-up tweak due to rogue cutlery & R.I.P. AW

Due to an incident with a big knife and a little finger, Films Of Colour have unfortunately had to pull themselves from this years line-up. From all of us here at Leopallooza, we wish James from F.O.C. a speedy recovery (fingers do grow back, actually.)

But cry not.

In their place we’re very happy to announce that those hip Cornish folksters Crowns’ (now exported to London - you’re welcome London) will be filling the gap. With support slots for Big Country and The Pogues, they’re best described in their own words: "Our favourite quote was from a very drunk guy who said, ‘You look like McFly but sound like Shane MacGowan’." (BBC Introducing)

Tickets still available. Online sales end at midnight Tuesday: www.leopallooza.bigcartel.com

As a small aside, we’d also like to pay tribute today to Miss Amy Winehouse. Her death has saddened the whole team in what should otherwise be a very exciting week. The way we see it, whatever your opinion on her lifestyle choices, the company she kept (who are we to ask why?) and whether you choose to mourn her passing at a very tender 27 as we do, there is no denying that this is a loss to music in general. That voice enriched our lives, and it’s sad to know it’s gone. So we hope she gets the peace in death that she didn’t appear to get in life. Our thoughts go out to her family and true friends.x

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